Active and Fit with Thymosand

The thymus gland is the control centre of our immune system, organizing the body’s own defences. This gland degenerates as we get older, which means that the body’s own defences begin to diminish from middle age onwards. It is possible to compensate for this deficit by injecting so-called thymus peptides into the body – a ‘Thymosand’ preparation, produced by Sanorell Pharma under the strictest medical supervision.

An immune system modulated by Thymosand protects against dysregulation of the immune system, and can prevent illnesses and slow down the aging process. A treatment package of 14 injections produces effective results.


Dr. med. Joachim Dietz offers this treatment package especially for you at the Engel.

  • Medical examination
  • 14 Thymosand injections

Price for medical treatment including Thymosand regimen: €1.285

Further consultation and treatment is available at an additional charge subject to GOÄ, the Medical Fee Schedule.

NB: Please bring an up-to-date laboratory test result with you to the medical examination, which is to be used by Dr. Dietz as the basis and prerequisite for any treatment.

We recommend booking the room of your choice individually via our reception by telephone on +49 (0)7449/ 850.

The hotel costs are billed by the hotel via the reception, the medical applications directly by Dr. Dietz, who is also responsible for the medical treatment.

On confirmation of the booking, Sabine Fuss, Manager of the Wolke 7 wellness and spa facilities will contact you to coordinate the treatment dates. Ms Fuss is at your disposal to answer any questions which you may have regarding Thymosand (+49 / (0)7449 / 85 777 or wolke7(at)!

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